The Best Expert Advisor Can Help You Make Money

What is an expert advisor or EA and how can the best expert advisor help you make money from foreign currency trading?

The first thing to say, in case nobody has explained this to you before, is that a forex expert advisor is not a person as you may think. It is a robot, or in other words a software program that trades for you in the foreign exchange market. You set it up according to a system, telling it how much you want to risk etc, and it goes ahead and makes trades for you whenever the market conditions are right.

There are two main advantages in having an EA trade for you. The first one is obvious. Provided you can keep your computer connected to the internet, it can watch the markets 24 hours a day, which you could never do yourself. The foreign exchange markets around the world are open constantly from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon, and there is no way you could do this for yourself.

The second big advantage is that a robot is not going to panic or get greedy. It has perfect natural self discipline, always follows its system to the letter, does not become distracted and is never affected by emotion. If something goes wrong it is usually either human error (you set it up wrong) or a technical problem, usually a break in the internet connection. You can pretty much eliminate the latter if you can set it up on remote hosting instead of running it on your own computer, but many people these days have reliable 24 hour broadband that is not going to cut out on them. So a robot is way more reliable than a human trader.

Most people’s problem when they start out forex trading is that they do not have enough self control to operate a trading plan successfully. You may be thinking that this does not apply to you. Most of us, especially men, think of ourselves as being pretty well controlled and not likely to be swayed by emotions. Right.

But I’m not talking here about the kind of emotions that make you break down and cry (although you might!). I’m referring to emotions like the rush of excitement that you get when your trade is winning and you want to hold on and see if it will make it to the next big number of pips. Or the fear and panic when you see a trade losing. You forgot to set the stop, or set it in the wrong place. What do you do? You hesitate, not knowing whether to close out right now or wait and hope the market will turn around. Meanwhile, you are losing more and more …

If you think that these things could not happen to you, then you have probably not been trading on a live market for very long, if at all. Unless of course you are using a forex expert advisor, which makes it possible that these crises and panic losses will never happen to you.

This does not mean that all robots are good, any more than it means that all human traders are bad. Some human traders make a lot of money. Some EAs make none. You need to pick the right one. Avoid free expert advisors … they may not cost you anything to buy, but they will cost you a whole lot in trading losses! Take time to find the best expert advisor to give yourself the best chance of making money from the get go in the risky world of foreign currency trading.

Happy Trading!

The Forex Dude

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